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New Release - Agile Board Filter

There is a new Release – Agile Board Filter 1.7.0 available in Atlassian Marketplace. Vendor – eXtensi has added some new functions and improved add-on. In one of following weeks we will test this release. Meantime – here is, what has changed:

New Release – Agile Board Filter functions

There are several new functions added, some resolving Known issues from Atlassian backlog:

  • Epic & Versions lists filtering
  • Customizable searchbar
  • Hide Quick Filters
  • KanPlan (Backlog for Kanban) compatible

Minor updates to Agile Board Filter

Some updates refer to existing functions:

Official release info: http://bit.ly/2nTx1ic

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New Atlassian User Group! Working in Brno? Do you face time to time to troubles or looking for better approaches? Yup? Lets talk about it in User Group Meetup. Thanks to support from SnapShot GmbH and cooperation of Tomáš Vrabec & Pavol Sojcik – proudly introducing Brno Atlassian User Group. The main purpose of User Group is to share knowledge, best practices, different approaches or solving troubles we time to time have. First User Group Meetup will happen at 18th of April in wonderful Kentico Software offices. Everyone interested can attend for free. Check details & RSVP at https://lnkd.in/gwgyiyV or https://lnkd.in/g7eJRK3

help NINJAs to improve

We are being continually surprised by You. Volumes of Unique Users and page views are raising on daily basis. That makes NINJAs very pleased and motivate to do more, and go further. But… we are here for You. Therefore we would like You to ask 2 questions that will help NINJAs to improve content and capabilities of our blog. Would You ?

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Let your ideas flow

We also encourage You to post any ideas You have in regards to Atlassian ecosystem. Just comment our posts, contact us, visit and comment our social channels. Anything will do. 

Thanks for Your engagement!

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Solution Architect

Well, that’s my regular job title – Solution Architect. Actually – it is Solution Architect/Expert. I have c.a. 15 years of experience in IT, in ITSM field, 12 years of which were related to tools. Furthermore I am partly in Product/Service Design & Management, Social Media etc. After that short personal intro – a question: do You need a Solution Architect for Atlassian® Products? I could not answer other than “YES”. That’s obvious (Thank You, Captain Obvious). But why actually do companies using JIRA®, Confluence®, Bitbucket®, Bamboo®, HipChat™, SourceTree™ need Solution Architects? Continue reading Solution Architect for Atlassian® – need or waste?

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changing Confluences look and feel

Confluence® has quite universal, intuitive “wiki oriented” GUI. And many organizations don’t see a reason to change it. However – there are various reasons that You might consider changing Confluence’s look and feel. And in fact You have got dozens of options to do so, starting from Confluence® settings (we will cover them soon), custom CSS and HTML codes, up to add-ons – built in-house or available via marketplace. What reasons might require such approach? Well, pick the one:

  • Using Confluence® as regular CMS for your Web/Intranet
  • Setting up Intranet portals, differing in GUI or available functionalities from “regular” wiki
  • Differentiating spaces or pages look, e.g. disabling comments on legal documents
  • Enriching content with media, custom content etc.
  • Multilingual content

and some others. We used to implement Confluence in various organizations with various needs. Therefore we got our own Top list of useful, practical, fancy add-ons that we use, when changing Confluence’s look and feel. Continue reading 7 add-ons changing Confluence’s look and feel

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