7 add-ons changing Confluence’s look and feel

changing Confluences look and feel

Confluence® has quite universal, intuitive “wiki oriented” GUI. And many organizations don’t see a reason to change it. However – there are various reasons that You might consider changing Confluence’s look and feel. And in fact You have got dozens of options to do so, starting from Confluence® settings (we will cover them soon), custom CSS and HTML codes, up to add-ons – built in-house or available via marketplace. What reasons might require such approach? Well, pick the one:

  • Using Confluence® as regular CMS for your Web/Intranet
  • Setting up Intranet portals, differing in GUI or available functionalities from “regular” wiki
  • Differentiating spaces or pages look, e.g. disabling comments on legal documents
  • Enriching content with media, custom content etc.
  • Multilingual content

and some others. We used to implement Confluence in various organizations with various needs. Therefore we got our own Top list of useful, practical, fancy add-ons that we use, when changing Confluence’s look and feel.

DEFINITIVE No. 1 – Brikit Theme Press for Confluence

Brikit Theme Press

Category: Theme (and more…)

Paid? Yes

Developer: Brikit

Server/Cloud: Y/N

For some organizations Brikit Theme Press will be much too much – it is not only a theme, changing look of Confluence. It is actually great solution for CMS in Confluence, allowing You to:

  • change look and feel
  • manage multiple themes in one Confluence instance
  • build information architucture
  • design, manage and change UI components
  • design mobile look and content

In addition, Theme Press contains a lot of content authoring and designing tools allowing changing Confluence’s look and feel completely. Have You ever used Confluence pages as slide presentation? With Brikit Theme Press You will be able to. You will be also able to do some content tricks like spinning blocks of content, rotate content in a block and more. Although we do not use Brikit often, and some of functionalities we never touched (there was no need for) – for us it is indeed No. 1.

If You do not like Brikit, but want similar GUI changes – try other tools. There are some competitors with similar functionalities – e.g. Enterprise Theme – and actually difference is rather about real needs of organization and pricing. 

Custom Dashboards for Confluence

Custom dashboards

Category: Spaces/Pages

Paid? Yes

Developer: Simplenia

Server/Cloud: Y/N

We felt in love with Custom Dashboards – really. They are giving You potential to build amazing content for home pages and other pages – and actually there are no limits: graphs, external content, custom macros etc. Capabilities are so wide, that THE ONE AND ONLY time for our Top X lists we decided to give You 2 screens of add on. Here is the second – and let it be the answer for all questions – how You can use it.

custom dashboards

Nice, isn’t it?

Scroll ImageMap

Scroll Image Map

Category: Content tweaks

Paid? Yes

Developer: K15t Software GmbH

Server/Cloud: Y/Y

K15t Software develop great add-ons. And they are freaks about the Confluence (so we like them very much). This add-on – Scroll Image Map is one of the most useful in our opinion. It lets You manage multiple links for one image – built basing on image area marking. How to use it? Put in the Confluence map of Europe – mark different countries with different links to separate pages. Or show products shelf – and mark each product’s pile, linking with specific for it page. Use screenshot from Google Map to show your company area – and mark all important and interesting spots – e.g. bus stops, lunch places, traffica shops etc. And so on, so on, so on…

CYO Create-Your-Own


Category: Content tweaks

Paid? Yes

Developer: Play SQL

Server/Cloud: N/Y

The biggest disadvantage of this add-on is fact it is available for Cloud version only. We would love it for Server. The great advantage is that it uses NVD3 for diagrams. It would work great with Custom Dashboards. And changing Confluence’s look and feel in meaning of available content would be really fun. However Cloud users can use its abilities to build custom diagrams and charts, to connect Mailchimp or post videos easy way.

HideElements for Confluence

hide elements

Category: Pages

Paid? No (FREE)

Developer: Scandio GmbH

Server/Cloud: Y/N

We us this one a lot. Free of charge, very useful macro to hide Confluence UI components as: likes, comments, sidebar, etc. I cannot remember project we did not use it, so it is a kind of a standard Confluence® installation for us. Very useful with Front Pages custom design, switching off users involvement e.g. with legal content. There are only two glitches – it does not work well with custom themes etc. and it does not cover some standard, global UI components – if we want to hide e.g. Confluence menus or native search-box – still we do some custom dev macros. 



Category: Bleuprints

Paid? Yes

Developer: Spectrum Groupe

Server/Cloud: Y/N

Something I found out recently on Marketplace… And actually it is something I thought about – not necessarily as a Confluence module, but separate product. In short terms – You just got idea bank, with ideas publishing, rankings, votes, etc. Plus of course all abilities of Confluence in this case. Great for involving community into e.g. Company life, product FR ideas, any social activities etc. It is very promising for Lean culture within companies. 

Spectrum Formatting Macros

spectrum formatting

Category: Content tweaks


Developer: Spectrum Groupe

Server/Cloud: Y/N

We initially thought it is totally unfair, that Spectrum Groupe is mentioned twice with two add-ons. However this one – Spectrum Formatting – we use so often, that it would also be unfair not to mention it. Generally these are just few tweaks for Confluence pages content: 

  • Making Tabs
  • Creating Horizontal navigation menu
  • Making Vertical navigation menu
  • Manage Page Status (draft, outdated, official, action required)
  • Update Page Status
  • Customize content progress bar
  • Define menu and tabs colors

But they are sooooo useful…

Changing Confluence’s look and feel

Apart from mentioned add-ons – soon we will show You how to change look & feel of the Confluence with some custom built macros and add-ons.