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Although Atlassian.Ninja blog is our primary contribution, under some conditions we offer experts services to those requiring masters' experience and unusual way of thinking. 

Why Us?

We are highly independent. Of course we work with Atlassian tools, we work with many Atlassian partners and add-ons developers, however - as Atlassian.Ninja team we are not limited nor bounded by any company. This allow flexibility and adoption of many possible techniques and solutions. Plus we have great experience with other tools, so can easily maneuver between various manufacturers approach to business processes.

NINJAs, NINJAs everywhere...

Depending on case study we will offer You either our NINJAs support, or will contact You with one of our partnering companies worldwide. These will include consulting companies, Atlassian software integrators, manufacturers of plugins or freelance developers.


Exemplary Services

Below are examples of services You can get from NINJAs

Apps administration
Atlassian Apps admin for hire, calculated on per hour or per day rates. Depending on apps to manage, detailed scope priced from 40USD per hour or 270 USD per day

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Process design and implementation
Masters' service to design or define (BPMN 2.0/Enterprise Architect) and implement in JIRA business process. Calculated on per day rates starting from 400 USD.

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Tailored service
Depending on what Your needs are we can offer either NINJA's support or dedicated team effort. Pricing starts at 50 USD per hour or 370 USD per day.

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Atlassian NINJA's blog services

How can We help You with our blog?

As blog is our primary contribution to the community, You can make a use of it if You are interested in:
⇒ analysis and public sharing of use cases
⇒ tests & trials of Atlassian® tools's plugins and add-ons
⇒ spreading the news about Atlassian® tools related events
⇒ cooperation of any Atlassian's partner or add-ons vendor with us in providing outstanding Atlassian® experience
Depending on case, such services may be charged or agreed to be free of charge. Furthermore we can offer You commercial content-marketing service, chargeable based on following T&Cs:
⇒ commercial content will be marked as commercial to differentiate from our original posts
⇒ You are responsible for providing us with all necessary materials, including licences and screencasts
⇒ any use-cases shall be either confirmed by customers or anonimized
Pricing on commercial content may vary, depending on Your requirements and our publishing ranges. 
In any case if You are interested in commercial cooperation - please get in touch HERE.