New Release - Agile Board Filter

There is a new Release – Agile Board Filter 1.7.0 available in Atlassian Marketplace. Vendor – eXtensi has added some new functions and improved add-on. In one of following weeks we will test this release. Meantime – here is, what has changed:

New Release – Agile Board Filter functions

There are several new functions added, some resolving Known issues from Atlassian backlog:

  • Epic & Versions lists filtering
  • Customizable searchbar
  • Hide Quick Filters
  • KanPlan (Backlog for Kanban) compatible

Minor updates to Agile Board Filter

Some updates refer to existing functions:

Official release info:

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changing Confluences look and feel

Confluence® has quite universal, intuitive “wiki oriented” GUI. And many organizations don’t see a reason to change it. However – there are various reasons that You might consider changing Confluence’s look and feel. And in fact You have got dozens of options to do so, starting from Confluence® settings (we will cover them soon), custom CSS and HTML codes, up to add-ons – built in-house or available via marketplace. What reasons might require such approach? Well, pick the one:

  • Using Confluence® as regular CMS for your Web/Intranet
  • Setting up Intranet portals, differing in GUI or available functionalities from “regular” wiki
  • Differentiating spaces or pages look, e.g. disabling comments on legal documents
  • Enriching content with media, custom content etc.
  • Multilingual content

and some others. We used to implement Confluence in various organizations with various needs. Therefore we got our own Top list of useful, practical, fancy add-ons that we use, when changing Confluence’s look and feel. Continue reading 7 add-ons changing Confluence’s look and feel

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Top 10 promising JIRA add-ons

Atlassian’s Marketplace with 1200+ plugins for JIRA itself and 300+ dedicated for JIRA SD is te widest ecosystem for professional management tools. However – just as with any marketplace, regardless if it is Google Play, Apple Store, Service Now’s  or Atlassian’s one – You will get there good and poor add-ons. Below You will find our Top 10 list based on capabilities of these JIRA add-ons. Continue reading Top 10 most promising JIRA add-ons

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