keyboard shortcuts

This is the first of series of posts we will publish on timesavers in Atlassian® apps. Depending on particular case – these will be either simple operations or build on-demand, custom solutions. One of the simplest timesavers in Atlassian® applications are keyboard shortcuts. They are built-in, and available upon installation of applications. But quite often they are being forgotten even by apps admins for no valid reason. In first post we cover JIRA® and Confluence® keyboard shortcuts. Continue reading Timesavers: keyboard shortcuts

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Top 10 promising JIRA add-ons

Atlassian’s Marketplace with 1200+ plugins for JIRA itself and 300+ dedicated for JIRA SD is te widest ecosystem for professional management tools. However – just as with any marketplace, regardless if it is Google Play, Apple Store, Service Now’s  or Atlassian’s one – You will get there good and poor add-ons. Below You will find our Top 10 list based on capabilities of these JIRA add-ons. Continue reading Top 10 most promising JIRA add-ons

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